September update

September is underway and we have gotten back to our basics or Kihon.  Good basics (blocks punches kicks and stances) are the building pieces for advanced techniques.  Advanced techniques are simply basics done well. This is the way to great Kata and an ability to do bunkai or analysis of our moves.

We are and will continue working on our conditioning so we can reap the benefits of keeping our bodies mobile and strong.


Our next Testing date will be September 30.  Applications need to be turned in at least I week prior to testing date.  See us for application.  We have several people testing so please attend if you can to support your classmates.


Schedule update:  Beginning October 1 we will offer class on Tuesdays 5:35-6:20.  This will be our family style karate class same as Monday and Thursday nights.  We do not expect that students attend all classes but hope this additional offering will meet your needs and ease your schedule some.