Yoga at a karate school…

Astute readers of the newsletter over the past few months will note much shifting with the (potential) Yoga offerings. I am so glad that people are reading this and noting what is happening here.  It encourages me to keep doing it…  On to my point… In looking at Yoga offerings there are many places you can choose and I appreciate your participation here.  In my academic head it does not make much sense to do something that is done in many other places. When we are the only place for Authentic Okinawan Karate in the area and no other offerings Goju Ryu Karate show up in at least 200 miles; our style of kobudo {weapons} work is not available within at least 60 miles, and Tai chi is not widely available in the region it makes sense to focus on those things. 

Yoga has been part of my personal practice to some degree since beginning karate in 1985 but since 1995 it continues to be a larger and larger part of my self- care practice.  There were some imbalances mostly in my hips or legs affecting my knees and low back that with the use of yoga were “corrected” and had me moving better in my 30’s than in my 20’s.  Then there is the mental component… this has helped more than I am able to comprehend.  I use yoga to give myself strength, mobility, flexibility and most importantly of all, rest.    Yoga continues to be a big part of my personal practice and I believe it is helpful for anyone. There are not many things that I can say are good for ANYONE.  It may not look the same from one person to another or one day to the next but it will be helpful when done with the correct mindset.  Since 2003 I have “taught” Yoga in various settings.  Since taking my first training for the use of yoga for therapy in 2006 the way I practice and teach has changed.  It has been far more well-informed.  Yoga is for inventory of our being on a physical, mental and spiritual level.  What we do with that inventory is up to us…  How we choose to work with this information can vary the outcome of the practice and our life.

My challenge has been how to get appropriate offerings for anyone on the schedule.  (Appropriateness doesn’t always follow the schedule) 

We will continue to offer high quality Authentic Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate and Kobudo classes for those interested and Tai chi classes as well as having Yoga for anyone. 

Check with us to see how we can help you using acupuncture traditional Chinese medicine or any of our classes.