Our Instructors

Will Ehlert– Senpai Will is a great asset to the dojo.  He always assists his classmates both before and during class.  He is the assistant instructor with our young children’s classes.

Christina Chalk– Christina is Yudansha and one of our board members and works hard in classes assisting when she can.  She has a varied background in Martial Arts and shares her experience.

Dean Ponto- Dean is one of our board members Holds the grade of Ni dan in Goju Ryu and the one who makes sure things work around to dojo.  He assists with our karate and kobudo classes.

Linda Young– Linda has been involved in martial arts since 1985.  She is assistant instructor in all of our classes.  She has a Godan (5th degree) in Go Ju Ryu, and Shodan in Kobudo with the MKKI.  Mrs. Young actively participates in all of our programs and leads by example of hard training and quality questions.

Travis Young– Travis is our head instructor and leads Karate, Kobudo, Tai Chi and yoga classes.  He holds a Roku dan (6th degree) in Goju ryu and is a Shibu dojo holder in the Gojuryu Kenkyu kai from Taira Masaji Sensei; Graded San Dan (3rd degree) and is an instructor in the Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan international; has several Tai chi programs (Bejing standard, Sohn 64, TT Liang long form and Sword), He is an E-RYT 200 registered yoga teacher and has been teaching Yoga since 2003.