Fall 2020

Fall is officially here and the colors are about to be vibrant and show one of the best parts of living in this area. I took occasion to go Mountain biking with a friend over the past weekend and found the fall colors to be just where I like them.  It was a lovely day to be out.

Back in the Dojo I reflect on our space.   I have been in deep thought after talking this summer with a client who was expressing appreciation of how “non- Boujie” it is here.  Her assertion was it is not off putting in its environment or the people in it.  She said she felt comfortable with Yoga here and enjoyed that her child could take classes without feeling out of place.  I would agree and add it is my favorite place.  I love how we have a family style dojo that is accessible to everyone.  I say our space because this has been built as an effort of many who have been involved from the students who helped paint; the families who donated to allow for the purchase the mirrors; the participants who offered their help getting digital and online things up and running; the instructors who make the classes happen- especially the children’s classes.  We have truly a special dojo- Group of people.  Thank you all!